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City of Galveston

An eye-popping Composite Elevated Water Storage Tank, Caldwell’s project exceeds the new AWWA D107-10 standard for this type of water tank. The neighboring gulf-front community is proud of their new icon and all that it offers. 

We built this massive structure using over 380 tons of steel in the tank; 43 tons of reinforcing steel in the shaft; 45 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel for the stairs, balcony, extra floor, decking, ladders, and support beams; in addition to over 20 tons of reinforcing steel in the foundation. From this nearly 490 total tons of steel, over 6 tons were either galvanized or made stainless, adding to the aesthetic and elevating our steel tank’s long-lasting benefits for this community.  

The tank we built for the City of Galveston touts over 49,000 square feet of painted steel surface; a feature that required over 310 gallons of paint. Beautifully adorned with the beach area’s themed logo, the tank displays a name that only promotes the City of Galveston’s beach location, but also shares their community message. 

Careful engineering design went into the creation of this steel tank and concrete shaft, where Caldwell sought to deliver a tank that could withstand hurricane force surges. After all, as recently as September 2008, Hurricane Ike culminated in massive community-wide destruction of the entire Galveston Island. Moreover, Caldwell constructed a tank that could shelter equipment while maintaining usable water for islanders. 

Unique to this tank, two large 20” diameter steel pipes lie inside the shaft. We constructed these to carry water to and from the tank along with an even larger 24” diameter steel overflow pipe for protection. Additionally, we added a special sealed control room inside this shaft, which houses control valves, electronics, and an extra high second floor with a balcony. 

Another standout attribute includes a full roof antenna coral, made with the following key features: 

  • 1.5” diameter metal piping
  • Metal air terminals for lightning protection
  • An external metal balcony
  • 30’ of metal ladder cages
  • A large metal 12’ x 12’ overhead garage door
  • A complete metal grounding system underground

Planning for the community’s long-term vision, the City of Galveston chose a first level 3’ x 7’ fiberglass man-door and a second level 3’ x 7’ fiberglass double door out to the balcony, designed to overlook the beach.

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Galveston, TX

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Tank Size & Style

2,000,000 Gallon CET Elevated Water Tank with a High Water Level (HWL) of 87 feet.

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