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The Power industry comprises a large variety of source types, leading to considerable process demands. This is a market where Caldwell has provided a multitude of types and sizes for Field-Erected Tanks; each showcasing our powerful range of capabilities. Caldwell Tanks provides tanks, stacks, and silos for the Power industry, all built to numerous standards — API-650, API-620, AWWA D100, NFPA 22, and ASME.

Caldwell also provides Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (CTIAC) systems for power augmentation using ice harvesters on thermal energy storage tanks, where ice is built overnight during low demand, burned during daily on-peak periods, and can increase turbine output up to 20%.

From Coal Fired to Natural Gas Fired Plants, We Build the Tanks You Need

For coal fired plants, Caldwell has supplied Stacking Tubes, Firewater Tanks, Process and Demineralized Water Tanks, Reaction Tanks, Lime Slurry Tanks, Sludge Storage Tanks, and other types of Wastewater Treatment Tanks. The materials used to build these tanks feature an extensive selection, including: carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, duplex, and Hastelloy.

Typically, tanks in this market are either open top or have a dome roof, considering the rubber lining or Flakeglass lining is not a good fit for a Column and Rafter Supported Cone Roof. However, taking into account the needs of firewater and process water (demineralized and polished), we often provide these as Supported Cone Roofs. 

For natural gas fired plants, Caldwell often provides Process Water Tanks, Demineralized Water Tanks, Polished Water Tanks, Thermal Energy Storage Tanks, and Firewater Tanks. These process water tanks are usually either Carbon or Stainless Steel Tanks; and can either be Dome Roof Tanks or Support Cone Roof Tanks, all depending on storage size or process demand. Caldwell Tanks also provide the erection of Exhaust Stacks and Flares for natural gas plants. 

For solar power projects, Caldwell has produced Thermal Energy Storage Tanks, Process Water Tanks, and Firewater Tanks. Predominantly, solar plants create thermal energy through Molten Salt Storage.  

Caldwell has also supplied Field-Erected Tanks and Vessels for the biomass and alternate energy markets.

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