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Quality/ISO Certification

Customer Satisfaction & Continual Improvement

In April of 2019, Caldwell became THE ONLY Field-Erected steel welded tank fabricator to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified! We have always been devoted to bringing you quality in our products and services. Through the effective application of the quality system, Caldwell delivers on this dedication, actively enhancing customer satisfaction.  

Successfully meeting the requirements of the American Society Mechanical Engineer’s Conformity Assessment Certification program, Caldwell further demonstrates a strong commitment to quality. This authorizes us to perform shop construction and field assembly of pressure vessels; including the more stringent ASME Section VIII, Division 2 vessels. 

ASME Certified


U - Pressure Vessels – Division 1

U2 - Pressure Vessels

(Alternative Rules for Pressure Vessels) – Division 2

R - Repair and/or Alteration – Division 1 & 2

Reputable in sales, design, fabrication, and construction of storage tanks, Caldwell is driven to meet or exceed customer expectations; no matter the requirements for performance, cost, or schedule. We achieve this through a trusted combination: conscientious employees, sufficient resources, essential resources, and the continual improvement of processes.

We staff our quality department with highly trained, experienced professionals, offering decades of experience. This capable team includes multiple CWI and NACE certified inspectors as well as field specialists who report directly to the Director of Quality Management. One of our in-house inspectors or an approved third-party inspection firm is set to perform any inspection tasks, closely maintained within our inspection database.