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By its very nature, the Chemical industry presents the tank industry’s most demanding problems. The products stored often require high temperatures, high pressures, highly corrosive properties, or all of the above. Building multiple tanks for chemical plants often entails various types of tanks. Some examples include: 

  • Carbon Steel Column-Supported Roofs for hydrocarbon storage
  • Stainless Steel Self-Supported Dome Roofs for sodium hydroxide storage 
  • Carbon Steel Self-Supported Dome Roof Tanks with Internal Steel Pontoon Floating Roofs for chloroform storage
  • Stainless Steel Open Top, Concrete Bottom Tanks for wastewater sludge treatment
  • Stainless Steel Silos for acid storage

Our Tanks Meet the Chemical Industry's Process Conditions

Generally, tanks for Chemical Storage are Field-Erected with either API 650 or API 620 as the design standard. AWWA D100 tanks are predominantly only used for the Field-Erected wastewater storage tanks. 

Due to the Chemical industry’s process conditions, tanks often have to be Field-Erected to the standard of API 620, using 304 or 316 stainless steel or other more exotic alloys as the material of construction. Our advanced fabrication capabilities for roof pressing and stainless steel fabrication include a dedicated stainless steel bay with all the equipment necessary to fabricate complex shapes of all configurations. Caldwell brings many specialized capabilities to this industry that our competitors cannot offer. 

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