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Thermal Energy Storage

Universally Recognized and Accepted

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) has become a powerful asset for chilled water-cooling — enabling facilities to significantly decrease costs while maintaining desired service levels.  

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Cool or Heat Your Facility During Peak Hours — for a Fraction of the Cost

Facilities produce chilled water or ice during off-peak hours, storing the product in an insulated tank. Consider that electrical costs peak during the day, which reflects when demand is at its highest. During evening hours, demand decreases, leading to less electrical expenses. 

The TES advantage: Leveraging TES allows you to produce ice or chilled water during off-peak hours, store it in an insulated tank, and use it to cool or heat your facility during peak hours. Commonly seen in district energy and university central heat plants, Caldwell provides custom solutions to match your custom energy needs. 

5 Key Benefits to Using Thermal Energy Storage

Lower Energy Costs and Incentive Savings

Compared to conventional cooling with chillers, TES provides lower energy costs and incentive savings. By producing ice, chilled, or hot water during off-peak hours, you save on utility rates and demand charges. Many utilities also offer cash incentives and rebates for installing or converting to TES. 

Lower Capital Outlays

TES Tanks allow a reduction of chiller capacity. This is true for both new construction and system expansions.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Requirements

Less equipment translates to reduced maintenance needs. Additionally, Caldwell’s steel tank construction provides low maintenance with reliable service. 

Optional Fire Protection Advantages

TES tanks are full at all times, ready to offer a massive supply of water in case of fire. Caldwell engineers can design a tank to fulfill the dual service of cooling and fire protection. 

Environmental Advantages

Many coolants and refrigerants face potential bans due to environmental concerns. Chilled water can be produced efficiently, employing any cooling technology available today or in the future. 

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Caldwell Creates Versatile TES Solutions

Caldwell has established a trusted reputation, better serving the growing demand for thermal energy source systems and environmental products.  

An industry leader, Caldwell is innovative; in-house engineers work with advanced computer technology, offering complete design/build capabilities for new systems or expansions that utilize TES. Our services include:

  • System evaluation 
  • Chiller and pumping modifications
  • Tank design and construction
  • Diffuser design
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Developing all control logic and valves necessary to operate the system most efficiently

Caldwell utilizes state-of-the-art cutting, forming, and welding equipment to satisfy fabrication requirements. Highly skilled, safety and quality-conscious construction personnel are the final ingredient to a successful turn-key operation. This is how we deliver each on-time, on-budget, quality performance. 

For Hot Water Thermal Energy Storage, Caldwell not only offers the ability to use traditional tank storage, but also the opportunity to gain a pressurized solution. Because we build these tanks using an ASME Pressure Vessel, we can store Hot Water at elevated pressures and temperatures, thereby reducing the total storage capacity. 

Stratified Ice, Chilled Water, and Hot Water Storage

  • 3,000 to over 80,000 ton-hours storage
  • Proprietary proven diffuser designs
  • High charge/discharge rate with low pressure drop
  • Load Management and System Expansion
  • Unparalleled Experience
  • Buildings, Campus Energy, District Energy, Data Centers, and Mission Critical Facilities

Molten Salt Storage

In addition to water, Caldwell is the premier supplier of Molten Salt Storage Tanks. We have constructed more Molten Salt Storage Tanks than any other U.S. supplier. 

Caldwell strives for the highest level of safety and quality. We bring this commitment to every project, adhering to our ISO 9001: 2015 approved quality procedures throughout each step. This is how we ensure impeccable results for Caldwell’s Thermal Energy Storage solutions.