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Caldwell Tanks Announces ACTNOW

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Press Release

Contact: K. Ryan Harvey, PE

Phone: 502-964-3361


9:00. A.M. EST, JUNE 5, 2013


JUNE 4, 2013: Caldwell Tanks, Inc. is pleased to announce ACTNOW, a project delivery program designed to allow one routine service payment for all aspects of a water infrastructure project.  ACTNOW provides a simple and affordable means for a community to design, construct and maintain a new capital improvement project or rehabilitate and maintain an existing water storage asset.  The ACTNOW program will be offered through ACT, LLC.  Visit for more information on the ACTNOW program.

About Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

Headquartered in Louisville, KY, Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has been building innovative, customized storage tanks and vessels throughout North America since 1887. American owned Caldwell Tanks, Inc. is the oldest and largest full service tank company in the world.  Caldwell is the industry leading provider of water storage tanks and growing provider of industrial Field-Erected tanks, tank asset preservation programs and coatings, power augmentation and wire-wrapped prestressed concrete tanks.

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