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PARIS TN: Springville Water Tower Shell Now In Place

A gigantic piece of the puzzle for the Springville Utility District was lowered carefully into place Thursday afternoon on Poplar Grove Road.

While SUD board members watched nearby, a crane from Western Crane Services set the 30-ton top section of the district’s new water tower gently onto its base on Poplar Grove Road.

The section was then attached to the base by a crew from Caldwell Tank Services, contractor for the project.

According to project engineer Don Lancaster of Gresham, Smith and Partners, the company will now begin four days of welding to make the interior of the 150,000-gallon tank water-tight.

In addition to providing extra water pressure, the tank will hold water reserves for the district’s customers in the event the supply from the South Paris Water District should be interrupted.

“They’re using about thirty thousand gallons a day, so worst-case scenario, this should give them five days of water,” Lancaster said.

Once the welds pass an independent inspection, the tower will be painted — a process expected to take three weeks.

When finished in early to mid-August, the tower will be light blue, with “Springville Utility District” in cobalt blue letters across its face. Rising to a height of 105 feet, the tower’s water level will be about 93 feet above the ground when completed.

“They’ve just come a lot further than I thought they would in one day,” said Lowell Wilson, board chairman.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the legs of the tower had reached a height of 40 feet. The remainder was done Thursday, after the 130-ton capacity crane arrived from Bowling Green.

“This is another milestone, and a long time coming,” Scott Steel, board member, said. “A lot of residents out there will be very happy.

**Source: Written by Glenn Tanner, Post-Intelligencer 

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